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Take control of your technology - Let us show you how

NORRCOM has been helping Kiwi businesses – like yours – take control of today’s technology. With NORRCOM at your side, you’ll be able to put your technology investment to work, for management, your staff and your customers. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

We’ll provide honest recommendations on the right technology. We can help install and maintain your equipment and we’ll help you keep current and plan for the future.

We are professional, friendly, highly skilled and good at what we do. We have been providing technology to the business, health and education sectors for more than a decade and understand what it takes to deliver networks and systems that work as promised. We’ll ensure that you get the right equipment and the right support at the right price. Anything less is simply unacceptable. That is our guarantee.

Technology: Barrier or gateway? Most businesses have a significant investment in technology. But is it working for you, or against you? Many businesses face the same issues: We have a network – how can we get the most value? What information can we deliver to management, staff and customers? How can we maximise our investment in technology?

We can help you answer these questions. It’s not a technology issue – let us worry about switches, gateways, patches, operating systems and SLA's. It’s a knowledge issue. We’ll give you the tools, infrastructure and support to help you harness today’s technology to provide a competitive advantage for your business. Regardless of your business applications – email, finance, CRM, ERP, BI – we’ll provide the platform for streamlined and robust operations.

Technology should be like electricity – you flip a switch and the lights go on. Simple really!

Let us help - At NORRCOM we’ve spent a lot of time working with Kiwi businesses to develop meaningful pathways for delivering reliable technology to support business operations. There are choices and options at every step – we’ll provide a roadmap that will give you a clear direction for your particular requirements. Regardless of whether you have a network up and running or are building your capabilities, now is the perfect time to plan for the future. We can show you where you can optimise your operations with current resources. We’ll explain what type of technology you’ll need to support your application suite. And we’ll help you plan your budgets for today and the future.

With this empowerment comes confidence. With this confidence comes the belief that you and your business are on the right path. You’ll find not only that technology will work for you but it will be enjoyable as well. This is the NORRCOM difference.

What should you do? It’s simple. Give us a call. We don’t have sales people – we have technology experts. People who understand business processes, know the technology and specify what you need. We know the right questions to ask: What are your needs, issues and aspirations? What machines and networks are you currently running? How are they doing? And what are your plans for the short and long-term? Once we have the facts, we’ll give you some options (no obligation, of course) that will give you an idea of how we can help you squeeze maximum value out of your tech budgets. Cloud or on-site? Physical or virtual? Lease or purchase? Managed services? All options are on the table.

If you like what we say and the idea of collaborating we will prepare a proposal, we’ll talk to both management and staff to understand your tech requirements and then specify exactly what we can provide. Technology doesn’t have to be difficult.

The NORRCOM advantage: Trouble-free IT.  We provide solutions, not products. At NORRCOM we specialise in technology solutions that are ‘right-sized’ for your particular requirements and applications. We’ll provide robust and trouble-free technology to support current operations and ensure that you have a scalable and flexible platform to support your business in the future.

We start with the needs of the business, management and staff – what capabilities and resources do they need? Then we design a solution that addresses those requirements, now and in the future. We’ll specify the most appropriate hardware/software and the most cost-effective networks. And we’ll provide as much or as little on-going support as you need. With NORRCOM, your technology investment will pay dividends for years to come.

Our mission statement says it all To assist clients in all aspects of their technology strategy and service delivery to enhance productivity, streamline operations and increase their competitive edge.

NORRCOM: Highly trained and technically adept, we believe in maintaining the highest level of expertise. This is a dynamic industry and we keep our team upskilled and trained. Our staff have the following certifications: Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) – Desktop and Server Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security) - Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator (FCNSA) - Juniper Networks Certified Associate E-Series (JNCIA-E) - Ruckus Wireless Solutions Engineers (WiSE) - Aerohive Certified Wireless Professional (ACWP) - Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist (GACDS)

Plus we are authorised members of the Apple Consultants Network. All of these certifications are kept current. With NORRCOM, we have the training and expertise so that you can focus on your business, not your network. That’s our business.

NORRCOM: Partners for success You can tell a lot about a business by the company it keeps. At NORRCOM, we have professional relationships with the very best when it comes to technology: Apple Authorised Reseller, Microsoft Business Partner, HP Authorised Distributor, Fortinet Senior Partner, Ruckus Big Dog Reseller, Aerohive Advantage Partner, NetSupport New Zealand Reseller. These are all mature, proven technology providers. The combination of these ‘best-of-breed’ solutions and NORRCOM’s expertise ensure that you will receive technology that works.

The NORRCOM team: At your service At NORRCOM, we value personal relationships that are based on trust, mutual respect and professionalism. When you join the NORRCOM Network, you will have direct access to all members of the NORRCOM team. We have network and operating system experts and cloud and Wi-Fi specialists. Not to mention our management team headed by owners Paul and Christine. It’s our company, our reputation. We’ll ensure 100% satisfaction.

Every one of us at NORRCOM will know your business, your hardware/software, your tech support team (and the hours they work). When you call, we’ll respond with every available resource. We are always on hand when you need us. It’s the NORRCOM Promise.

Just imagine: Commonsense IT solutions Cost-effective computing Trouble-free operations Sensible plans for the future Yeah right. Wishful thinking at best. That’s been the experience of too many businesses. It doesn’t look easy when for so many years it’s been a never ending spiral of costs. But NORRCOM makes it easy because technology, done well, delivers on the promise.

NORRCOM: Honest, up-front and plain-speaking Complicated, complex words often carry hefty price-tags. Not with NORRCOM. We believe in providing you with well-conceived options that are explained clearly and solutions delivered on-time and within budget. Technology is our passion. We enjoy delivering technology to businesses; with professionalism and good humour. Why? It’s simple. We like making a difference.

Professional Services We support what we sell, at the pre-sales stage, during installation and into the future. We will design the best solution for your requirements and integrate it into your business. Regardless of your requirements, we deliver.

Cloud? Virtual? Physical? Technology is a service. Where that service is located is irrelevant as long as it is delivered to those who need it. We’ll help design the right mix of services – in the cloud, in your office or a mix of both – to give you all the technology you need in a cost-effective manner. Google Apps, Microsoft 365, virtual desktops, hosted services, BYOD and more. Let us show you how.

Support and Managed Services Today’s technology can be managed anywhere. We provide end-to-end managed services for all of our solutions. Automatic upgrades, patch management, secure services, activity monitoring and more.

End-to-end BYOD support - We will help you leverage today’s portable revolution with full BYOD (bring your own device) set-up and management. With the right mix of servers, gateways and services, we can empower all of your mobile staff to be more productive using their device of choice.

Wi-Fi - Wireless networks are easier to deploy, increase productivity and support BYOD. We work with industry-leading technology to build robust, secure and scalable Wi-Fi networks. We can provide a managed service for cost-effective operations.

Hardware On-premises or in the cloud? Virtual or physical? Notebook, smartphone or virtual desktop? Fibre or cable? Wired or wireless? Or a combination? There’s no shortage of options. We’ll help you navigate the hardware minefield to provide the most cost-effective platform for all of your business applications – regardless of the deployment model.

Security NORROM builds secure networks. With hardened solutions from the gateway to the device, we can help you keep your users and information safe from prying eyes or malicious attacks. We can assist with policy development and managed security services.