System Monitoring

NORRCOM have been monitoring systems since our inception. We offer various levels of system monitoring from basic Server UP to active system monitoring and network device availability, firewall and internet usage. NORRCOM offer services that can monitor as little or as much as our customer asks. NORRCOM can tell your system has a problem before you know

Server Monitoring

NORRCOM's active server monitoring tracks the following key components within your server (both physical and virtual) some of the key elements we monitor are:- 

CPU Usage - We monitor and set alert thresholds 

DISK Usage - Read/Write activity as well as storage and volume integrity

AV - Virus signature database, when it updated

PERIPHERALS - If devices are plugged into server

NETWORK - The servers network usage

These are just a few of the active server components we monitor. The active monitoring also generates support tickets within NORRCOM to alert technicians and our help desk ahead of you the customer. You will often receive a call from out support team ahead of you realising you have an issue.

Network Monitoring

NORRCOM's active network monitor oversees all switches and wifi devices


We monitor switch activity, port activity and real time usage. We are able to upgrade switches remotely, configure switches remotely and in real time monitor port throughput.


Our WiFi monitoring will inform us of how many devices are associated with a given Access Point as well as the data throughput. We also monitor drop offs and can configure Wifi systems remotely