Servers as a service

NORRCOM deliver solutions we believe our customers need. With Servers as a Service or SAAS the ownership and headache of what to buy and how to maintain it is removed.


The Server, regardless of its location, be it on premise or at NORRCOM or in the Cloud belongs to NORRCOM, the maintenance upkeep, licensing are all taken care of by NORRCOM.


Often the server is a large on balance sheet expense, not only the initial outlay but the ongoing license costs. SAAS allows you to budget fixed amounts, no system failure expenses.

How Much?

Clearly there is a cost associated with the service and this cost is dependent on the server hardware used and the level of redundancy provided. IT can often be a bottomless pit for expenditure and levels of fail safe.

What next

Call us, get our experienced SaaS team to talk you through the benefits and come up with a proposal based on current and potential future business needs.