Wireless is not compulsory, but we recommend that you do have it installed.

If you have building work underway or being planned that’s OK; we can still install wireless to ensure that you have connectivity in the interim. The wireless equipment can be removed and reinstalled in the new buildings later.




What is included in a wireless installation

 A wireless installation includes:

  • an analysis of your schools’ current network switches and Wireless LAN (WLAN) system
  • an upgrade of the existing WLAN system
  • a standards-compliant WLAN system including 5-year warranty and support
  • re-use of your existing structured cabling system
  • managed gigabit Ethernet switching replacement
  • provision of a training/network documentation manual.
  • The Ministry’s contribution only covers the standard upgrade.

If you want other features like additional wireless access points or voice over internet protocols (VoIP) systems, the school must pay any extra costs.