The School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP)


Schools need a robust network infrastructure to make full use of ultra-fast broadband and to maximise teaching and learning opportunities. SNUP provides a subsidised upgrade of your school’s network infrastructure in order to maximise these benefits for your staff and students.


The Ministry of Education will fund 80% of the cost to upgrade your school’s data cabling, switches and cabinets.

The upgrade includes:

  • A fully-funded audit of your school’s current infrastructure.
  • A network design proposal.
  • A certified cabling installation with a 20 year warranty.
  • Additional new power outlets at each new data outlet.
  • Managed Ethernet switching covered by a five-year, next-day replacement warranty.
  • A suitable backup device.
  • An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) where this is required, to protect your switch and server from power fluctuations.
  • A new server where there is no existing server.*
  • Provision of a network documentation manual. The offer does not include desktop or laptop computers, nor does it include depreciation on switches.

*Existing servers and UPS are generally kept in use and eventually replaced by the school as part of the normal depreciation cycle.

Your school’s contribution

Before an audit of your school’s existing infrastructure has been carried out, it is not possible to provide a dollar-value estimate for your contribution. This is because there are many factors affecting the final cost: size of campus, construction of buildings, state of existing network, distance from a main city, etc. We do know that, based on recently-completed upgrades, 84% of schools pay less than $100 per student, with the average cost being $65 per student. In light of this we suggest you put aside $85 per pupil from your 5YA (or other funding source) to cover cabling costs, as well as $15 per pupil to cover the cost of switches (this portion can be claimed against your furniture and equipment grant). These costs are only approximate at this stage; as stated earlier a more accurate cost estimate will be provided following the audit. Once the final cost of your school’s upgrade is known, you will be asked to confirm your ability to pay 20% of the total, with the Ministry funding the balance.