Norrcom everycloud

NORRCOM's Everycloud is your portal into the world of cloud-based computing. We partner with New Zealand’s leading datacentres and online service providers to offer the very best in cloud services. Cloud computing is no longer leading-edge. But it is the competitive edge. With NORRCOM’s Everycloud, you will have a world of online services at your fingertips.

The NORRCOM Everycloud Advantage

Lower IT overheads. Faster access. Hardened security. You can achieve all of these and more with NORRCOM Everycloud solutions. As you move IT services to the cloud you will see immediate gains in productivity. Budgeting is easier. You pay only for what you use. And NORRCOM Everycloud is scalable. You can add or remove capacity as necessary. Identify and prioritise which services can be moved to Everycloud. Define service level agreements and cost schedules, Transfer data and business processes into Everycloud Personalise Everycloud dashboards to facilitate access With NORRCOM Everycloud. You can transfer as few or as many of your IT services to the cloud. Email, storage or applications. It is cost- effective, low-risk and becoming an increasingly accepted business practice. We can help at every step ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ACCESS Empower your employees to work anywhere, anytime with NORRCOM Everycloud. From smartphones. From Wi-Fi hotspots. From desktops and the shop floor. NORRCOM Everycloud is online everywhere all the time.

No IT Overheads

Mothball your servers! All you need is web access. Everything else is hosted in New Zealand. You will never worry about hardware upgrades, software licensing, disk failures or power surges. Your data and applications are secured, automatically backed-up and archived.

A World of Options

Work as much or as little on NORRCOM Everycloud. Email? Not a problem. Storage? We will back up any file, anytime, automatically. Financials? We can set up hardened secure access for sensitive data. Legacy applications? We can put your business processes online using the latest tools. Everycloud does it all.

With Everycloud, you can migrate the following services – in any combination – from in-house to online. We can help you prioritise which services and manage the migration process.

Managed Services

Let us maintain your servers and desktops from our remote management facility. We monitor performance, back-up transactions in real time and take care of routine maintenance. NORRCOM Managed Services frees up your tech people so they can focus on your business, not IT.

Hosted Services

Move your business processes and applications from your servers to ours. The benefits include lower IT overheads, increased scalability and high availability. Acccess options include wide area networking, virtual private networks and fibre / wireless.


Pick and choose which services to move into Everycloud and when. You can start with email and online storage and move up as appropriate. We will help you select the most appropriate services to start and then work with you to continue the process.

Everycloud Services

The complete online solution. You will be able to tap into all of your IT services via the Everycloud dashboard from any device, any time, anywhere. Over a secure, highly available network. Every transaction is backed-up and stored. Running your business will never have been easier.

On-going Support

Hardware support issues disappear with Everycloud. All servers and infrastructure are housed in local datacentres, employ ’best practice’ realtime redundancy and are highly secure. NORRCOM can maintain your internal networks and internet access including support for BYOD and Wi-Fi.


NORRCOM has been offering cloud and managed services for over a decade. We understand the processes, partner with leading Kiwi datacentres and work with world-class vendors. To others, perhaps, the cloud is a brave new world. To us, Everycloud is business as usual.

What does it take?

If you use computers and have internet access, we can help you move any or all of your IT services to Everycloud. For a fully-enabled Everycloud business, all you need is a fast internet connection and the device of your choice. Let NORRCOM take care of the rest.

How does Everycloud work?

Turn on machine. Open application. Start working. That’s all you need to know. We can provide personalised Everycloud dashboards so that staff have quick access to their business applications. It is as easy as pushing a button. Everything else is hosted at the datacentre. No worries!

What does it cost?

You only pay for what you use. Everycloud pricing is based on the number of applications we host, the number of transactions and storage levels. You can add or subtract services quickly and easily. All costs and service levels are clearly spelled out in advance. With Everycloud, there are no surprises.

Getting Started

It’s as easy as a phone call or email. Our details are below. If you want to take your business into the clouds with confidence, you should be talking to us.