HYBRID solutions from NORRCOM 

Pick and choose which services to move into the cloud and when. You can start with email and online storage and move up as appropriate. We will help you select the services that are most suited to your school to start with and then work with you to continue the process.

Hybrid cloud is a solution available to all schools regardless of the internet speed and regardless of available budget. NORRCOM are here to help get value and functionality.

These solutions are available to all schools at little or less cost than they currently pay. Below are a few examples of cloud applications that are free or that are cost neutral.

Google Mail - Free for schools to use

If a school migrates mail from its mailserver (Exchange) it costs between $250 and $600. The saving on potential server size is between $2000 and $6000 depending on the level of use.

Google Apps - Free for schools to use

Google Apps gives each person (student and teacher) 30 gig of storage each. In a school of 300+20 this is currently 9.5 terabytes. Most school servers do not have this much storage available, and again there is a clear cost saving.

MS 365 - Free to schools

Microsoft offer a cloud based solution based on MS Office but cloud based the savings here are obvious and the benefit is not having to learn a new platform.

Hosted SMS

Most major SMS providers are already Cloud based and if not, will be removing the need for expensive server resources onsite. The exception is Kamar which has a dependency on Filemaker Pro which is built into the Kamar cost and is a per user license.


Two of the three library package providers provide offer hosted solutions removing the need to host the library locally on the server. There is a cost associated with this solution but all library packages have costs associated with them.


More than 250 schools have moved to Xero, a fully cloud based finance package

What Next

NORRCOM can help achieve the term we coined 'hybrid cloud'. Remember cloud computing is all about providing a service on the internet where the service you use is at a location you do not know. NOT...NOT at a datacentre we dictate. We at NORRCOM believe cloud is about better reliability at a better cost providing a better service, it makes sense to us that these service be provided by companies specialising in this field.